An Introduction

Publicado: mayo 14, 2007 en Uncategorized

Some might say that I’m a little too old to be watching “cartoons” but you and I can tell that they don’t know what they are talking about.

I created this space because I wanted to share my process of learning about anime and to receive help from those that are already enthusiastic otakus.

I’ve watched Japanese animation since young without actually knowing where it came from.  It was probably around 1999, while being out of my country, that someone explained to me that this type of animation was mainly made by japanese and that it was a unique style. After a brief explanation he played “Akira” for me, it blew my brains out. So far I had only seen things like Haru No Yobigoe(n my country we call this anime Candy, Candy), KiKou Kantai Dairugger XV (we call it Voltron, Defensor del Universo), Kerekko Demetan (La Ranita de Metán) , Saint Seya(Caballeros del Zodíaco) , Dragon Ball Z, among others, but I had no idea they were made by japanese and that there could be more complex anime or even dumber and funnier anime :P.

Akira was some really good stuff but even though I experienced that I couldn’t get my hands into anime ‘cause I had to concentrate on doing my master in economics (yeah, boooorrrrriiiing,, hehe, kidding). Anyways, back to the NOW, it’s been probably 2 years since I started randomly looking at some anime, this year I have been going mad watching stuff thanks to the help of youtube, azureus,  and friends that lend me things and burn dvd’s for me. (ThxS!)

I think I can finally say that I have found something that I am feeling passionate about, besides the Internet of course, it was a feeling that I was looking for and envy in a good way. So, I watch stuff from here and there, with no real orientation, I have identified (kind of) the type of animations I prefer but still I need to learn about the different genres, the most recommended, the best sites to read about it, and why not, learn japanese along the way 😛 ( I know a lot of words so far).

Basically, this blog will be about any new detail that I learn , any opinion or review I have (from my unexperienced perspective) about a series, and random stuff I find on the internet about anime that I would like to share.

Next post, The list of animations I’ve watched, so anyone can help starting by knowing what I have seen. Yaneeeeeee.

P.s: Bare with me with the misspellings, English is not my main language!




  1. Wish dice:

    nunca se es demasiado mayor para tener una afición, y el anime no es excepción 😉


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