Animes I’ve Watched

Publicado: mayo 20, 2007 en Uncategorized

So, continuing with the previous post I will list here animes I’ve watched so anyone can help me with the ones I haven’t seen that you consider to be good.  🙂


1. Metropolis
2. Akira
3. Kiki’s delivery service
4. Laputa, Castle in the sky
5. Howl’s moving castle
6. Steam boy
7. Vampire hunter D: Bloodlust
8. Spirited Away
9. Ghost in the shell
10. Perfect Blue
18. Princess Utena

20. Wonderful days (Korean animation)
21. Final fantasy: Advent children (not really anime)
22. Card Captor Sakura: Movie 1 and 2
28. Porco Rosoo

34. Animatrix
37. Naruto Movie


11. Tenchi muyo, Tenchi Universe

12. Oh my goddess OVA
14. Vandread
16. Full metal panic (Fumoffu and OVA)
19. Some short anime films on HBO, can’t remember the name.
24. Pita Ten
25. Card captor sakura
26. Tales of saiunkoku (first part, 38 episodes)
27. Love hina and especials
29. Samurai Champloo
30. Elfen Lied (OVA and a especial episode)
32. Kanon OVA
35. Kamichu

36. Naruto (first part)

15. Full metal alchemist, just missing a couple of episodes
17. Chobbits,  watched 8 episodes
23. Genesis Evangelion
33. Ghost Hunter, watched 4 episodes

36. He is my master, watched 6 episodes

38. Bubble Gum Crises, watched 6 episodes

39. Gunslinger girls, watched 3 episodes

40. You are under arrest, watched 1 episode
43. Bottle Fairy, watched 1 episode
Current Watches

13. Naruto Shimppuden, watched 9 episodes

41. Macross (movie)

22. Bleach , watched 124 episodes so far

31. Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight, watched 9 episodes

42. Lucky Star, watched 6 episodes

44. The melancholy of haruhi , watched 1 episode

45. Tales of Saiunkoku II, watched 2 episodes

46. Ergo proxy, watched 1 Episode

  1. Samatarou dice:

    Films: a good list there, however you are missing “Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind” (Kaze no Tani no Naushika), this is the Miyazaki film against which all others are ultimately judged and although 20 years old still tops the polls. Technically the quality looks somewhat dated but it’s still beautiful and extremely moving.

    I would also suggest two short films: Makoto Shinkai’s first work, “Hoshi no Koe” (Voices of a Distant Star) – only 25mins long but packs a whole movie’s worth of plot in (romantic separation, war with aliens, space travel, very beautiful!); also “Blood/The Last Vampire” – 45mins, atmospheric thriller, incredibly slick cgi/cel work, really beautiful, but perhaps could have had a fuller plot.

  2. asteroth dice:

    Si te gustan de samurai, te recomiendo “Samurai 7”

    “S.Cry.ED” es otra serie buena.

  3. tenpo_gensui dice:

    I’m no troll, but I comment a lot. I’m shameless 😛 Were you ever able to finish Chobits? I wanted to ask something about that and the series’ relation to Angelic Layer (which I must’ve watched too many times my CD’s almost ruined, I’m dense).

    LOL. I sound too eager, don’t I? 😛

  4. Panchus dice:

    Akira, a great one i should say…

    I am watching Ergo Proxy too ehehe


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