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Publicado: junio 4, 2007 en Uncategorized

Although I really haven’t written much on this blog I was thinking about writting future posts in Spanish, I haven’t made up my mind yet. Most of my friends with whom I share an interest for anime are Spanish speakers but the anime blogger comunity  mostly writes in English. Oh well. A note to my friends: feel free to make comments in spanish if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Changing subjects, I ordered last week the dvd for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya!. I already saw all episodes but still wanted the dvd, considering all the effort that Bandai is making with the SOS brigade to avoid having people just watching the series through fansubs and not contributing to the cause $$$$$!. Support Bandai!. For those who know nothing about this anime please go to the link I inserted. Haruhi is the best! It has made quite an impact on anime fans, read about it!!! onegaishimasuuuuuu.

Oh, for those of you that like anime like Ghost in the Shell or Wonderful Days I recommend Ergo Proxy, is a sort of futuristic anime, dark images, somehow gothic style, and filled with names and definitions associated with the Azteca Culture and old philosophers and their theories . Here is a wallpaper with a picture of the main character of these series, Lil Mayar,thanks to Yanso for giving me the link.

I am really sad ‘cause I haven’t been able to keep up with Naruto. Robert!! Plissss, I need to watch the last episodes!.  😦

Another anime that I recently finished was Gauken Utopia Manabi Straigth, is such a sweet sweet anime that kids and grown ups with a tender heart would enjoy 😛 . It only has 12 episodes, so do not argue that you don’t have time!. I suppose this anime is about not losing your innocence, your desire to have fun, the importance of friendship and fighting for your dreams. It’s a very cute anime, I love the graphics, the drawings, it’s a style that I had not seen before.

Anyywaaaysss….. I’ll keep u guys posted about my decision on the language.



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