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I’m particularly pissed because my Haruhi dvd hasn’t arrived yet. I received an email on June 1st saying that it had been shipped but no sight of it still. grrrr. I hope they answer the email I sent to customer service.

I have been watching a couple of new animes (new to me of course), here it goes. First, a movie recommended by Alfonso called Paprika , loved it, it can be a little confusing for it jumps from dreams to reality and at some point you have no idea where you are but still in the end you can follow the story and the outcome is quite unexpected.

Bleach, on episode 126. Capi, when are you going to reach me with this? I need someone to talk to about Bleach!. A note: Why is it that everything related to hollows is in spanish? I mean, Hueco Mundo? Espada? Las Noches? And all arrancars named like if they where spanish matadores haha. It’s hillarious but somehow I get a weird feeling about it, helloo, why the bad people? 😦 . The only thing that calms me a little is that Sado is part mexican 😀 . Sugoiiiii!. Up to this episode they are going around in circles, training and stuff for the upcoming battle and mostly concentrating in nonsense but I still think is a great anime.

Well, Lucky Star!!!°!° Kawaaaiiii, talk about cuteness all packed in one anime, I don’t even care that there is not a single story line, this chara are just extra cute!. So far this series has broadcast 12 episodes, I have seen 10 :D, waiting for the fansubbers to finish up with episode 11 and 12. Is some clever humor mixed up with lots of references about other animes, at least watch Full Metal Panic Fumoffu and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya before you start watching this anime so you can at least catch SOME of the references, but trust me, that is not HALF of it (I should know, I don’t get most of the references, **blushing**, I have fun anyways though!).


Note: Images borrowed from AnimeSuki

I started this week watching two new animes that were released this spring like Lucky Star, they are Lovely Complex and Seto No Hanayome, I am going crazy with these. Geezzzzz, Maria Isabel and Judith, you are both going to love these! They are funny as …..just VERY funny!!! Lovely Complex has me crying too, crying and laughing, what a mix. George, you have to watch this stuff!! They are currently being broadcast so we have to keep watching for new episode releases.


I don’t do reviews, I just say whether I like or not a series, I believe that there are many anime blogs that do excellent reviews and my blog is just for talking of stuff I get a hold of and stuff I learn or am curious about.

For excellent reviews on series go to:


http://wnfb.blogspot.com/ (in spanish)







  1. asteroth dice:

    Si quieres puedes hablar de Bleach conmigo…ya voy por el 131. Sinceramente del 126 hasta el 130 no es la gran cosa. Son como los fillers de naruto, igual de malo.

    Nah, si quieres me agregas: asteroth07@hotmail.com



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